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Your intuition, your guide..

Situation! we all use this term so often in all common scenarios and connect this to so many other aspects. What is a situation? It is a state of being surrounded by certain circumstances where you have to act accordingly to keep your sanity intact. Overthinking, excess of love, excess of hatred, excess of anger take away your sanity and sometimes just make you slaves and overpower you where you are forced to act accordingly! In whichever situation you are, remember you have one element in you that never leaves you and never guide you wrong that is your intuition! Intuition or as commonly called gut feeling will never guide you wrong. Next most important aspect that you all should keep in mind is that every situation has two facets, good and bad, train your mind to see good in all situations and that will help you take wise decisions in life and will also help you act sensibly in all the situations that you face in your life.

You know there are some magical feelings that we all possess! Feeling of love, feeling of belonging, feeling of care and compassion. All these should be kept as priority whenever you deal with any situation in life and see the magic!! you will find solutions in the blink of an eye, you will be able to see the path so clear and easy to tread through.

Life is a big examination and it will keep testing you at every turn of your life but what you are supposed to do? Rise above your situations and live!!

Have a great day ahead!!

Love you all!

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