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Why not connected?

Something is missing,

Something is lost,

We are living like lost beings,

Cut off from our surroundings!

Why such a casual attitude?

Why we cannot foresee?

Why we are so superficial?

Why are we are so disconnected?

We are a part of the large,

we are the large that encompass the parts,

We are everything when together,

We are the whole when we are alone.

Being one is important,

To stand out is important,

To understand is important,

To know and analyse is important.

Time would pass,

It won't stay,

Be awake and Be aware,

Know what you are supposed to do,

Do what you are supposed to do.

Stand up for yourself,

Stand up for life,

Stand up for being,

Stand up to fight!

You cannot go so easy,

You cannot be relaxed,

Become the voice to be heard,

Become the change to be implemented.

# This piece of writing portrays a casual attitude of our young generation towards the most sensitive issue related to our environment and climate change! Just because they all are living in

good furnished houses with all the amenities. They are far from the realities of life!

Help your kids develop that sensibility towards themselves and their environment!


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