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Why everything has to have a logic?

Why should I do this? What is the logic behind doing all this? why should I practice this? What is the benefit of it? These are the general and very common questions which most of us deal with in our daily lives. Logic, result, advantage, benefits are very selfish terms and force us to think and work mechanically. We do need logic but do we need it everywhere and in every case?

Again, we humans are very versatile beings and have the capability to think in a way that is multidimensional that can help us perceive things and happenings around us from all different angles that we can think of. Hence, there are occasions, events that do not need your logical mind to be operational all the time. When we add logic to everything we do, it make our life more calculative and materialistic. There are feelings and emotions which do not work on the principle of logic but they are very effective in increasing your dopamine secretion in brain and are capable of giving you immense happiness and can make you feel extremely good.

We cannot continue living in the same monotonous way. Everything needs a break, everything needs a change and following the same boring path will create disinterest in you and then you will not feel to continue anymore. This is the time when a person becomes a victim of boredom and all negative thoughts start surrounding oneself. It is very important to maintain a balance between your emotional self and your logical self.

Your life should be purposeful and not necessarily be logical all the time. You should enjoy each and every moment that you live and should make the most out of it, even if it doesn't carry any logic. Laughing on nonsense things, just talking about anything, simply sitting and observing nature, running through all your wild thoughts, constructing your own dream house in thoughts, spending time with yourself may not add to your bank accounts or to your career growth but will definitely add to your peace of mind.

Life is very simple but we complicate it by adding logic to each and every aspect of it. Let it flow at its own pace. Do not try to control anything as everything has its own time frame and carries its own intensity. Learn to adapt to the changes in your life. Certain things you can work on but your cannot alter or change everything around. So, do not stress yourself much and learn to be surprised by your life as to what's gonna happen next!!

"Be with life for life to be with you".

love you all!

Happy reading!

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