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Why do we have to make choices?

'Choose what you want?'

'Either do this or do that.'

'Either be with me or be with yourself.'

'Either listen to me or do what you want.'

These are some common statements that almost all of us hear or say or experience in our daily lives. But I have few queries here,

Why I have to choose what I want, why can't I try all and keep trying everything?

Why should I follow, 'either' 'or'? Why can't I do both?

Why can't I be with you, being with myself?

Why should I only listen to you and if I listen to myself then its a crime?

Change this people. It's high time we grow up and stop living among choices. Let's keep everything open and let's keep our selves free to accept and experience everything we feel worth according to us and not according to the person you are tagged with. This person can be anyone with whom you have a socially tagged relation. Relations, which usually come out as restrictions and obligations should undergo a complete transformation where people learn to grow together, respect each other, value each others choices, appreciate each other's talent, care for each other and believe is love and respect above all.

Make choices for growth, for moving forward not for pulling others back and making them feel worthless. Everyone has the right to feel that way he or she want to feel. Everyone has the right to practice whatever he or she want to practice and the right to try diverse things.

Most importantly, everyone has the right to live free! If you want put restrictions, put restrictions on your weak mindset, on your regressive thinking and on your overconfidence that you are always right. No one is born right, the situations that we face and experience help us make right choices and everyone should be given that chance and opportunity.

Living a life that is worth and happy needs a lot shedding of extra stuff from our mind and heart. Harmonious life that encompasses all the goodness of nature should be embraced and be open to learning and progressive thinking. Make those choices that encompass the growth of everyone together without any bias.

"Live and Let Live".

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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