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Why do we feel bad?

What is the most important thing in our life? This is a very difficult question to answer because usually we do not control our mind instead mind controls us. We are entangled in so many engagements through out that we do not really have time to think what we really want? Things, incidents keep happening and we keep getting hurt or keep feeling bad but the irony is we still repeat the same things and the cycle continues because we do not actually learn from our sufferings, we keep giving chances to our selves and to the people we are connected with and that ends up in nothing but disturbed mind and soul.

It is always easy to tell and guide but to practice the same is very different and difficult too. I really wonder, how long it takes one to understand that something is not right and something disturbs and due to something we feel bad? The truth is it does take a lot of time because we all depend, consciously or unconsciously, on our emotions and our emotional attachments with whom we are connected or bonded. We keep bearing the hardships that come our way because we do not want to give up so easily and in true sense something that is easily given up is not actually a strong relation or a bond, its only an obligation or a tag that can be removed as and when required.

When we are not ready to give up, then why we feel the pain? It happens when the effort is just one sided and the other person keeps taking it for granted. The relations and the complicated mindset attached with the relations make it very difficult to think straight and doesn't allow us to come to a point where we can clearly see or think what we want but is this the way life should be? Should it be full of ignorance and negligence? Shouldn't it be balanced?

All these questions need to be answered because all these lead to the question, why do we feel bad? We do not feel bad because someone else is hurting us or is not recognizing us, we feel bad because we are not standing up for ourselves and we are letting the person in relation to belittle us or degrade us but just to transfer the blame we force ourselves to think that because of somebody we are hurt. We try to play smart but the thing doesn't work and it causes more pain to us . If you feel bad or get hurt by somebody's actions or behavior, you need to stand up for yourself and object and if you are not of that mindset and you do not want to confront people in question, just develop your own mechanism to relax yourself and keep yourself away from all the negativities.

Blaming others for your own suffering will only add to the bitterness in relations and life. Hence, recognize yourself, know yourself and shift to ways that relax your mind and distract you from all those negative things that hurt you or make you feel bad. Remember, the difficult situations and negativism are all part of relations and life we are in but how we react to these make a lot of difference as the reaction is in our hands.

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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