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Why do I write?

I was just going through my blogs and observing that which blog has got more likes and which has got less. I felt good to see some, where I have got more views and some likes and felt a bit sad when I observed that some of my blogs have got very less views. All this brought a thought to me, why am I writing? What is the purpose behind it? Do I need to have fan following? Do I want to be famous for this? Do I need recognition in the eyes of the society or the people? Do I need acceptance from everyone for what I am doing? This started the whole thought process.

Answer to all this is 'NO'. All that was coming to my mind and what I was feeling was not the overall objective. Just now I shared a Quote by Sadguru on Facebook where he says, ' What is more important? To look good or to feel good?' So, I have my answer! For me, its more important to feel good. What others feel and whether they like or view what I write is not my aim. My aim is to feel good about what I do. I should be convinced myself about whatever I am doing and until and unless its having deteriorating effect on anything or anybody, I should feel good and proud of myself about what I do and practice.

To feel good doesn't mean that you are hurting someone but since you are feeling good so, it's fine. No, your feel good factor has to be a conscious decision and action. I write because I want to share, express, observe and encourage myself through all the times which life puts me in. It is not always that you have someone or somebody to hold you in arms and say, ' Don't worry all is fine and we will get through it together.' Sometimes you have to manage the reign of your life alone. So, stop and look inside and find out what makes you feel good and focus on that factor because that is the only thing that will lead you far in life.

Conscious effort, responsible actions, a positive mindset, a loving heart will take you far!!

Happy reading!!

Love you all!!

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