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When we say something is not good...

I sometimes wonder, what happens to all of us when we grow into adults? I believe total transformation! As a child all of us get common lessons and common morals to learn and we all are deliberately taught to be good, to be nice, to be humble, to think good and do good, to be grateful and respectful but sadly, as we grow through years all these good attributes vanish. Ideally, we all should be constructing our lives on this strong foundation but somewhere this foundation goes weak and crumbles with time and age. A person is supposed to turn wise and humble with age but we turn in monsters who are just looking for a chance to harm somebody, it doesn't matter physically or mentally or verbally.

If all this is happening, that means you have not taken your lessons properly and have not understood the essence of the thoughts behind that. Growth should include all the positive aspects of your personality and should lead you to become a good human being. Your true strength lies in when you are able to focus on one positive thing when thousands of negative things are happening around you and not in bitching and cribbing about those negative things and poisoning the environment around. This scenario holds good both at your home front and at your work front.

Living is all about harmony, be it with your fellow beings at home or at your work place or in your social circle. Learn to give space and time to everyone as each individual is different and work on his or her own pace and please stop comparing. Stop getting frustrated on petty issues as every single incident is an exam for you, to test what you have learned through your course of learning and still what you are learning. Take it as that. Try to see things and people in a way that there is one examiner sitting and evaluating your performance and that examiner is your your own conscious. if your mind is getting more disturbed and getting filled with negative thoughts, that means your performance is not good and if you are able to relax yourself by the way you respond, that means you are able to perform good.

Be with yourself all the time and reflect. Be alone but not lonely. Be open to everything and accept whatever comes your way with open arms. Show courage to deal with anything and everything with wisdom and stop judging or comparing. Make yourself, your own strength and spread this positive energy around and witness the magic!

"Life is beautiful and its magical but you are the magician. So, just live and let live."

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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