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When time manages you...

Time is a very influential element in everyone's life and managing time and making the most of it is again a very big challenge that everyone faces throughout. Time is very powerful because it is effective in a particular moment. Once you lose that moment you cannot get that chance again but to understand this humans really have to develop a good set of higher order thinking skills. Most of the people are not able to manage time and there are number of different reasons for the same.

Living in the moment and making most of it complimented with setting and exercising your priorities make you an efficient time manager. Set your tasks, prioritize them, set time limits for a particular task and try to abide by that. All these are the ideal settings that a person can do and includes a lot of perfection on one's part but all this cannot be accomplished every time by everyone because there are many uncertain things that are bound to happen and all those things or happenings are not under our control most of the times.

So, how to manage time then? Taking into consideration all these unforeseen events, how can one use time efficiently? The answer lies in the will power and developing a sync between your body and mind and the time that you have in hand. Being a teacher by profession, we always keep encouraging children to set up priorities and then plan their time or day but I have found that prioritizing your daily chores is also very beneficial in terms of managing time. Everyone has 24 hours in hand but some people are able to do hundred things in that time slot and some are not able to accomplish even the basic tasks for the day. The biggest drawback of time is that it never stops, it never waits and it never reverses. So, be cautious and conscious at the same time.

Once, you are in sync with yourself, you will know what you are supposed to do and how long will you take to accomplish that. When you start managing time, time start managing you in a way that it starts accommodating you. This is the time when you know how to make the most of the time that you have in hand. Management is a very important skill that we all need to learn and practice to have a fruitful journey of life and it applies both at home front as well as at professional set up and without respecting or valuing time we cannot be good managers.

"Let's manage time, for time to manage us".

Love you all!!

happy reading!!

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