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What usually goes wrong?

" I start my day with a thank you to God to have given me this life. I get up and do some pranayam, have my cup of tea and spend time reflecting on self. As other members of the family get up, I take care of what they need, how they need, when they need and tread through all varieties of tasks throughout the day, fulfilling my job obligations along with. Sometimes, I also manage to take out sometime for myself where I practice things of my interest. By the end of the day, I carry this satisfaction in my heart and just go to bed to get up next day with a new enthusiasm."

I hope this holds good for every woman around, whether you are married, in a relation or not.

But still something, somewhere is missing. Why we still keep on complaining? In spite of doing all that is to be done, we are not satisfied to the extent we should be. Why do we all go through this? Women being so independent, why there are efforts being made to make them independent? Women being so sensible by nature, why do they undergo depression?

Women being so strong in terms of strength too, why there are efforts being made to make them strong? Endurance being the natural quality of women, why their are tagged as weak?

All this is not required, why can't we simply accept what we are and what others are? Why we cannot simply assume that everyone is best in their caliber and performs their best as and when required? It is a very simple thing to think of and to mention by I really do not understand why is this so difficult to practice? Making someone stand by himself or herself and making someone realize his or her true potential, incase the person is not feeling confident enough, should only be the kind of help or advise that should go from anyone and everyone. Do not belittle someone.

Specifically, talking about women in our society. They are great and a very hardworking lot.

Do not take them for granted and please do not waste time in empowering the powerful.

A bit of consideration and respect would be more than enough. So, this is what is not right.

The journey of life becomes more worth, when spent being together with all the recognition, regard and love intact. We all should understand that together we stand strong and if we keep thinking ourselves superior to others, we won't be able to manifest a beautiful life. Everyone deserves respect and his or her own place here as when we are born, we are born with the right to live and live happily, please do not become superior to our creator and do not try to snatch this right from anyone.

Believe me, its in our hands to make everything right.

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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