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What makes you immune?

I personally do not believe in " your life before your were born and life after you will die'. I believe all the individuals present here today or in this era have only this life which they are supposed to live to their best. I don't know, what I was? Whether I was? before I got this life but I know that I am born and have spent some good years of my life on this planet and still going good with the time period I am permitted to complete here. Usually we find people talking about, he or she must have done some bad karma in his or her previous life, that's why the person is suffering in this life. I do not believe in all this. It is just a very smart way of overlooking your responsibility of being a good human and negating all the factors that could affect one's mind being in this, sometimes ruthless society!

Not everyone put their thought to why people suffer, why they are not able to think straight, why they remain sad, why some are denied of the happiness that they should get? But we all should give it a thought and a conscious thought! I am sure no one would like to be sad, aloof, lonely, non expressive, not loved, not cared for, not appreciated. Have you ever thought that all these are the consequences of us ignoring each other's worth? Yes it is!!

Each of us have our own mechanism to get over things or situations that trouble us but all of us are not that strong minded or head strong. Some fall victim to all this crap that happens in their life and simply end in giving up and ending everything. This makes me very sad. I get very disappointed when I think that 'Being Human' is just a clothing brand that everyone like to flaunt but becoming human is what everyone want to avoid! Wake up! Grow up!

Each one of us, every single human on this earth is important. Start this with your family and your close knit circle, start respecting, start considering, start loving, start sharing, start recognizing otherwise we are going to have a species of humans that is full of frustration and that has become immune to whatever happens around! When do we stop responding? When do we become immune? When do we stop sharing or expressing?

One single liner answer to this is, when the person in front stop recognizing our worth.

Recognition is very important. Everyone doesn't have to be a star to be recognized, we can recognize each other being in a relation, being in a bond, being a colleague, being a good friend. But recognize!!

Recognition of worth is the most beautiful way of expression and help other person feel important and boosts the confidence in a way that could flourish life within that person by making him very happy and contended.

In relations, let's promote love and affection instead of immunity. Again, the most important things in life are not sold in very expensive markets, they are free! Spend time with your partner, your friends, your children, your parents and make them observe that they hold a lot of importance for you and they are worth!

"Become human, instead of just promoting 'Being Human'."

Love you all!!

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