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What it like to be normal?

Situations, conditions, circumstances and us. We all have a continuous battles among ourselves and the one who is the fittest and have the power to create an impact wins. If we look around now, the conditions are really grim and it feels like some kind of mass extinction has set in. It's been four days I haven't written anything but have thought a lot but couldn't pen it down because really do not know what to write in this situation where people are fighting just to breathe and all your materialistic things which otherwise have become a definition of your being the wealthiest have turned totally useless. Can we be normal in these situations? Can we bring all our senses together to think that everything is going to be fine but we have to go through this phase now with a calm and composed mind?

We have become so used to of running here and there that we almost forgot ourselves and our mother earth. We stopped valuing its worth and started thinking that its a never ending resource and we can exploit it as much as we can? But can we? No we cannot! The statistics and scientific data are a proof that we cannot replenish the resources at the same rate as we are consuming and hence, this is the situation!! We need to value everything around. We need to admit that Money and wealth cannot buy you a healthy life.

Healthy and happy life is an outcome of your healthy and conscious attitude towards everything around. It is the time to act and to bring into practice all that you have learned so far. No one knows how long one is going to be alive but let's not make the moments of our life miserable by our own actions and let's act consciously to leave a better and livable planet for our future generations to survive and flourish. We cannot kill a planet that has actually given us life and all the energies to live.

Being normal not only means not to worry about anything and just moving on. Being normal requires your consciousness and having control over the beastly attitude under which we only think of using and not replenishing. We all are facing the wrath of nature and this is the result of our own negligence towards the nature. Everything needs time to regain itself and it is a moral duty of every living conscious being to give that time and to help regain.

Let's take a pledge to take every little action to protect our nature and live consciously!

Love you all!!

Happy Reading!

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