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What is true happiness?

We all get happy at different times, in different situations, at different instances and do celebrate that but have you ever thought or experienced the true happiness. It seems as if something has arrived from out of the world to make you happy but the truth is its all your efforts, hard work, perseverance and dedication that brings happiness to you. We all work so hard and keep working, sometimes expecting and sometimes not expecting and there are many things that we even forget that we did in the past and get busy in what comes our way as a part of our daily routine but then one day you get to know that you have accomplished something for which you actually worked hard and that is the moment, you feel so happy and happiest ever. You will experience these moments many a times in your life but you need to recognize and celebrate those little achievements in life as these little stepping stones lead you to the highway of your life.

Achievements whether big or small require celebrations as these little moments make your life big and proves that we are more conscious and vigilant of what is coming our way. Happiness is internal satisfaction and extreme sense of joy. Happiness is when you feel victorious and realize that all the efforts that you had put have shown results and you are here in real to witness those. There are people who get recognitions for their work, very late and sometimes when they are not alive.

Life doesn't work according to our plans and specifications. Instead we have to be very smart to recognize the best moments, catch hold of those and just celebrate! Conscious living is all about living in the moment and appreciating yourself for coming through all the hardships of life.

"Live life, enjoy every little moment and celebrate every little achievement".

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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