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What is more important, 'A bond' OR 'In a bond'?

Relationship status, relations, are supposed to be updated and is a norm and a requirement for both official and unofficial tasks. Is it just required to be put on paper? Or does it hold some deep meaning that we never bother to think over? Friendship, marriage, live-in relations, brotherhood, motherhood, sisterhood, a relation between a teacher and a student, family relations, we all revolve around these tags throughout our lives but rarely understand what all these tags stand for?

There is a lot of difference when we say that, 'I share a special bond with you' and when we say, 'I am in a bond or in a relation with you.' A bond is when we connect with someone with our heart and soul. When we are only 'in a bond', mind plays a major role and keep manipulating our heart and soul throughout but that definitely does not mean that we cannot share 'a bond' being 'in a bond or relation'. The only thing required is to develop a sense of respect, love and regard for others also as you have it for yourself.

Being selfish has never benefitted anyone and living a life of harmony is also not everyone's 'cup of tea' but we should never stop exploring, introspecting, reflecting and observing the consequences of our behavior. Each one of us need to understand that for living a life that is worth, we need to have our heart and mind at peace and you will not get peace in the market to buy from! You have to look inside, deep inside and then around. You need to condition your thoughts in such a way that you see smiles and laughter around and value the good aspects of anything and everything.

We all live in sync with each other of whichever community we are a part of. Hence, it is very important that we are able to develop a special bond with everything around and with everyone around based on the group of people and things we interact with. Keep your negative thoughts away and before expecting something, believe in giving. Believe me, when you start conditioning yourselves like this, it feels as if a white soothing light has lightened up your mind, body and soul. You feel at rest and can feel yourself smiling at you and complimenting, ' Well done'!

Never underestimate anyone, specially the people that form our immediate community. Hold them, love them, support them, care for them, encourage them, appreciate them and let's try and make this life easy and comfortable for everyone, not by pouring in money into their lives but by pouring in unlimited and unconditional love and care.

Hence, it's very important to develop a special bond instead of just being in a bond!

"Always wish good for everyone because you never know whether you will get this chance again or not."

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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