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What is life all about?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This world is a stage where a play named life is played by numerous characters and as any other play is has chapters and climax. Plays are the stage performances that exhibit different colors of life through stories with the help of small acts and every one plays a role assigned to them but this scenario is a bit different when we talk about life as a whole. In life, we are our own directors because the main direction comes from our minds. The kind of life you lead is the manifestation of the thoughts you rear in your mind. If you are satisfied and happy, you are rearing positive thoughts and believe in good. If you are unhappy with whatever is happening in your life, again the responsibility falls on you and the kind of thoughts your rear in your mind.

It is a very simple observation and very commonly talked about, more you feel the chill, more cold you will become. More you are feared of something, more afraid you will be. So, is something from outside getting these feelings for you? No, its your thoughts that you manifest. When your focus is on reaching a safe destination through a very dangerous path through a jungle, then your mind is more focused and you concentrate on reaching the destination safely and are ready to encounter any problem effectively, but what if you think that you will not be able to make it? My dear, then definitely you are not going to make it.

Hence, your victory, your failure, its all in your mind and you are your own ruler but the only condition is rule yourself effectively and consciously. We all experience so many problems and are facing so many issues world over, hunger, social degradation, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, pollution, deforestation. Why are we facing all this? We are facing all this because we all are leading our lives compulsively and not consciously. Conscious living always lead you to a right path and compulsive living will make you adopt some shortcuts which may have long term deteriorating effects not only on your life but on everyone's life.

Focus is the key to the solutions of all the problems. Focus your mind, your thoughts, your emotions and your energy but focus should be in the right direction. How do we get to know when we are right and when we are wrong? Its very simple, if you are not functioning in sync with the nature, you are wrong and when you working in sync with the nature, you are right. We are not supposed to destroy something that is the essence of our very creation. A happy, joyful, peaceful life is all about harmonious and conscious living.

"Focus your mind, thoughts, emotions and energies and get ready to manifest the best life ever."

Happy Reading!!

Love you all!!

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