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What is it to live?

We cannot have one line of thought for each and everything as the moment you feel that yes! this is the true definition of life and how things should go, you are surprised by a totally different scenario and then again a full revision is required of what we were thinking and what it actually is! One thing is very sure, it is complicated but at the same time God has given us the powers and the thought process to make it less complicated and easy to comprehend. The only thing required is recognizing that potential in you.

We all are humans and we cannot live in isolation. Somewhere, someone is associated with someone and these associations can be as formal and as informal as they can be but what I have learnt through all my experiences so far is, "the more you conserve yourself, the less complicated your relations and your life becomes." life is harsh at times and heaven at times and we all must understand that we are under continuous evaluation process by the almighty. Sometimes, it seems as some great competition is going on as to who will win at the end but the beauty of the evaluation is, it helps you get through so many different stages of life and teaches you, your own importance.

Here, I want to give a very blunt and pure suggestion, "never override yourself for someone. You should always be the center of your own life" Life will put you in all sorts of conditions and will observe what you have learnt so far from your experiences, from your observations and then you cannot afford to fail. Hence, be very vigilant and I would say, be selfish, not to harm anyone but to take care of yourself and keep yourself in healthy state of mind. Another very important aspect of living is that we live in accordance with time and space and both these things never remain the same, the cycle goes on. So, be patient also and never put any conditions. To live a simple, sorted life just reduce the complications to the maximum by simply loving yourself and expecting the least.

Every time, I encounter something like this, I get more close to myself and understand how important it is to conserve yourself. You have to be more strong than you ever expected, you have to be more vigilant than you ever thought and you have to more simple and sorted than you ever imagined. Do not betray yourself, be honest and be the strongest that you can be and believe all these strengths that I am talking about are inside you!

Love you all!!

happy Reading!!

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