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What is easy?

The word easy we use almost daily and number of times but do we ever go beyond and think something different than simply using this word for different tasks we perform. What is easy for you? Which tasks do you refer to as easy? Do all the daily tasks you perform are easy for you? If not how do you make them comfortable for yourself?

The fun fact is, there is nothing that is easy. You cannot label anything 'easy' because anything that is easy for you, might be very difficult for someone else and something that you find difficult or tedious to perform, can come very easy to others. The term 'easy' is defined by the set of capabilities, skills and attitudes you possess as an individual. The most important factor that plays a major role in this is your interest in that particular task.

From being easy, that area of your interest then slowly becomes your specialty and you start following that. The aim or objective is again individualistic about why you are practicing something. Since, all of us are different from each other and all of us possess a different set of skills and qualities, we all make up this colorful world , with so many different sets of skills, talents, businesses, work fields and so on. When we think in this way, we realize the importance of each and every task performed by different people at different times of the day because we cannot step in each others shoes and cannot be efficient in each and every job.

Nature and almighty have worked very hard to maintain a balance on this earth among all the living beings and have planned things accordingly. Just imagine, what if every individual had all sets of skills, what kind of world we would have had? No dependency, no attachments, no love, no compassion, no realization, no gratitude, no empathy and everyone would have lived a dry independent life. Would you prefer this kind of living?

It is very important to understand the importance of each living being in this world and everyone should be respected for the set of different skills and talents they possess because if we recognize and appreciate each other and do not take every other person for granted, we all can live a harmonious and happy life.

"Make everything easy by loving and respecting each other."

Love you all!!

Happy Reading

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