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What if I go offline some day?

Text, messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, Intagram!! Omg! Online at 12 am, last seen at 2 am, online at 4 am. What if this online or last seen doesn't appear for a stretched period of time? We all have become prisoners to these and so used to that all this has become inseparable parts of our lives. I sometimes wonder, how easily we humans have surrendered to something that is our own creation and instead of we controlling it, it is controlling us!

There are contacts in my friend list whom I have not contacted since long and there are some with whom I am in regular touch or you can say current chapters are read often and the previous chapters have been on hold for sometime. Oh really! this has become the definition of relations now?

Earlier, people used to visit and stay, later people use to call and talk but now both these practices have undergone a shift and relations have just become a bunch of messages to be delivered and received at times. The most common phrase of 21st century is, 'don't have time'. We have become too busy and have ignored time. In the race of becoming efficient with all the machines and to match their pace, we have forgotten the skill to use time efficiently and in a healthy way. The most annoying thing to witness these days is, even when family members are sitting together or some relatives are sitting together, each one is busy with their devices. Are we really living together as families? We are more or less just living individual lives. We all have forgotten the meaning of a bond, a relation, affection, human concern, a family. We all have knowingly or unknowingly have turned into machines. I would rather say, 'Robots in human skin'.

What if I go offline some day and do not operate all my accounts for sometime? What if I don't even pick calls? Most of the people will keep waiting for me to get online or pick up calls and by that time who knows..... But the point here is we are so captivated by these devices in our hands that are life has become a toy in their hands and it's a big myth that we operate devices, actually we are operated by these devices. My device knows everything about me. But do my so called close ones, family knows everything about me? NO!! they don't. I got this bloody band, called smart watch and it monitors all the systems of my body but in my family no one asks how am I doing. This is where we all have reached!

No technology can match the joy that people used to experience when they use to meet, talk, spend time, play, discuss and enjoy life together. Stay in touch and in these times, do call up, and take out time to sit and talk to the family members and for those far from you, take out time to call up instead of simply messaging and waiting! You never know a person offline can be gone and you are still waiting for the status to show online!

"Value the people and not things, Value emotions not emojis, Value health not wealth"!

Happy Reading!!

Love you all!!

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