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What does it take to realize?

You know the biggest mistake we all do is that we relate the emergence of different emotions, feelings and events in life with the physical growth of our body. I am not denying the biological changes that are interwoven with the mental and psychological growth of an individual but we all are so engrossed sometimes in these proven facts that we ignore the exceptions or other obvious possibilities.

Here, I want to stress on the power of perception that all of us possess but how often and how efficiently we use it is different! We need to realize that things can happen at any time, in any circumstances and sometimes without even giving you a chance to perceive things clearly. Very little things we miss out which are actually very important to look into.

Today, I am not talking about self realization, I want all of you to look around you, outside of you consciously and think that there are many other connections and relations that you have to rear in a correct, healthy manner and for that you need to realize that things are no more parallel, there can be an exponential growth and we cannot overlook that.

The exposure has made this all possible. Little children at your home want to be famous at a very young age because they are exposed to so much. They are observing young talents flourishing, growing, earning, enjoying the name and fame and just want to jump in the same stream to just rock the world. But what is our role here? Our role is to realize that they need our help and we need to realize that their age and their dreams are not going parallel, they are trying to jump ahead of time.

We have to make our kids realize that everything has a proper timing, and of course to achieve something in life they have to work hard as there is no shortcut to success. But how to achieve this? We need to listen to them, we need to realize that this time is very fast and kids are exposed to much more than is actually required. Talk to them, take out good time where you sit with them and just listen to them and talk and share things, so that you can become clear with what your child is expecting from you and of course from his or her life. Assure them that you are there for them and will be there for support and encouragement. In these times, where usually people live in nuclear families, quality time with your family members specially with your children plays a magic! Do not shrug this thing off, how much ever busy you are.

'It doesn't take much to realize but a small conscious effort!'

'Be conscious.'

love you all!!

Happy reading!

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