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What do you reflect?

Talking in scientific terms, whatever we see around is the result of reflection of light by all the things or objects around us but we are able to see the things clearly only if the image of the object is formed correct at the correct place that is at retina of our eyes. Hence, to see everything clearly, there should be proper light, the objects or things around to reflect light and a good functional eye to create a proper image of the object. Science is indeed a very interesting subject and stretches across the human behavioral aspects too.

Every individual reflect and what you reflect is very important and affects many things around you. In my social circle, I meet people who are suffering from some kind of anxiety and overthinking and feel as if whatever they do goes in vain and are not recognized for their work or are not appreciated. The society work in tiers and the people appointed at different levels are the ones who have been designated with specific tasks to perform because at whatever position you are or in whichever field you work, you cannot isolate yourself from humans and whatever you do, basically you have to interact with your fellow beings in some or the other way and for the efficient functioning of the system, you need to see and ponder upon what you reflect?

You will find at some or the other point in life that there are some people who are dependent on you for some or the other thing. Now, what is your responsibility and moral duty? To uplift them or to degrade them? This will depend on what you have learned during your course of life experiences or your education? Education doesn't reflect in the degrees you collect but the way you behave and handle things. Your failures, your experiences, your learnings, your education should make you a humble, conscious and wise being instead of a jealous, morally weak bot.

The irony is that we suffer because of our own fellow beings and this is because some of us do not understand the strength of togetherness, we do not understand the magic of appreciation, we do not value empathy, we do not value us! As you grow in position, become more humble and expand your horizon to see things through a broad perspective. Be conscious about what you reflect as the way you behave and that way you carry yourself affects every single being around, specially the ones associated with you.

Life is too short to accommodate jealousy, anger, hatred, agony and insecurity. Live your life with love and passion and be considerate. Do keep a watch on yourself as your reflection matters!

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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