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What do you perceive, 6 or 9?

We, humans, the most interesting species on earth and the most dangerous too!! We have so much in ourselves to be researched upon. Thinking, perception, expression are all a part of our daily lives and so many things in our lives depend on how we think, how we express, how we react and how we perceive things. The downfalls in everyone's life are never welcomed on a good note and no doubt these are disturbing incidents and does alter our way of looking at things and does alter our way of perceiving things but we cannot have one line of thought always and cannot let these negativities overpower our thought process.

According to Astrology, We all are born under the influence of some planets and stars and in a specific time frame. If we go by this fact, everything changes its place every second as nothing is stationary in this universe. So, it is obvious that we all go through good and bad times and our mind adapts, thinks, reacts accordingly. All this holds true in its very sense but still the only way to come out of the difficult times and to concentrate more on opportunity than on any downfall is to perceive things with a positive frame of mind. '6' and '9 'seems same when horizontal but whether you perceive it as '9' or '6' depends on you.

It is very well, 'if you do not get an opportunity, create one'. Hence, the figure '9' seems nine to those who believe in perceiving things positively. Time and life keep testing you but the reaction and the way you crack the exam of life is totally your hands. Always the situation will not be of '6' or '9' and you may have to accept the situation as such but again what you think and how you feel and how you want to go about, it is completely your onus!

Absorbing the criticism patiently and positively and taking up appreciation humbly is something that is much required by each one of us. We need to understand that when someone point us out in a negative way, that is his or her perception and not ours as that does not mean that we are actually wrong because there is nothing like right or wrong, we all act or react according to the situations we are in and not to prove something to someone! When you are appreciated, consider that as opportunity and a step to the success ladder and instead of just stopping and boasting at that step, work more on yourself to maintain that edge!

Hence, the most important thing is to maintain your disposition as calm and just reflect on what you think and why you think keeping in mind that all those thoughts should lead to your self-appraisal.

Love You All!!

Happy reading!!

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