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We or me?

Humans are strange! Complicated emotions, complicated feelings, entangled thoughts, complex relationships and what not? Above all this the ego that we carry! We are the survivors, we are the losers, we are the most efficient ones and we are the most spoilt ones


'Ego', a term most commonly used in conversations, what is it? It is just a misunderstood term and a twisted term used for 'self-regard and self-respect'. Whenever a person is hurt or feels bad, we say his ego got hurt which leads to some unpleasant consequences and the intensity of the consequence depends on the cause of it and it varies from situation to situation but the same thing when we consider in the form of self-regard and self-respect, we try to resolve the issue or try to come out of that situation by getting involved in something positive instead of entering into some unfair means to resolve the problem.

Relations is the most complicated feature of human life. Lot of discussions and beliefs are related to blood relations, genetic inheritance and the relations made by us being in a social set up. Why do we create these bonds, called relations? The purpose of relations is to make everyone learn to live in harmony with each other, to make everyone realize the importance of being together and treading the path of life by helping, holding, carrying each other through all the different situations a person faces in his or her lifetime and not to spoil the very essence of this pure term, relation! It doesn't matter how you are related to a person as far as you believe in living that relation to the fullest. No stamp is required to fulfill a relation, the only thing required is 'we' and not 'me'.

Emotions are again one of the most complicated aspect of human life and they are very tender that requires a lot of care and required to be nourished very well but when 'we' just become 'me', everything starts deteriorating. The relations, the emotions, the feelings and the willingness to be together start vanishing as 'me' becomes more powerful that 'we'. People in relations start finding happiness in hurting each other instead of loving each other, people just keep finding faults in each other instead of mending the faults together and when by doing all this they get tired, they fall apart by abandoning the relation.

This is very sad and I really do not understand that why people keep investing in banks and do not invest in people, why they do not invest in relations, why they do not feel connected to each other? All these questions should trouble each individual's mind and I will give you the reason behind these. The reason lies in the fact that our individual existence is in relation to the society we are in. You will be recognized and you will feel your worth when you have good relations in your social set up and have some people around you to praise you, critique you, to make you feel loved, to make you feel happy. Self appreciation, self regard and self respect are very essential for you as an individual to be strong and confident in your own existence but social harmony is equally important as nothing thrives in isolation and if you read about nature, you will find numerous examples where each and every living being lives and survives their best only if it is in sync with other living beings.

"We, humans, as a part of nature should also not deny this fact of harmony and should believe in 'WE' than 'ME'."

Love you all!!

Happy Reading!!

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