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Walking on floating stones...

Life is amazing and full of surprises, uncertainties, some real great experiences and some real tough times, emotional highs and emotional breakdowns, some soothing moments, Some rough memories but this is life and we all are walking on floating stones. It is very tricky when you walk on a floating stone, you have to maintain a lot of balance and have to take care of many other aspects so as to save yourself and not to drown.

Relations, expectations, feelings, emotions are all a very important part of our life but these are also the most painful aspects of our life. Being an emotional being, making bonds are natural and we make them very strong but we forget to work on how to handle if it breaks, how to manage if it doesn't stay? Here, the philosophy of living in the present and in the moment, fails. In some or the other way, we have to think of what if? Some relations are unexplainable and cannot be judged on the basis of societal rules and they stay forever as they are and doesn't need any justification but these relations also bear a blow of time. Now, the question is how to manage and how to survive?

These kind of relations are not logical, they are not practical but they are the most beautiful of all the relations we have because they are without any expectations or bounds. People experiencing this, live in their own world of love and fantasy. They enjoy their solitude and become divine in their thought process but that doesn't mean that they get cut off from fear of losing. They are afraid of the consequences as a little bit of imbalance can lead to

their falling off the floating stones, the path that they have chosen for themselves.

Time is a big healer and you learn to manage yourself, its not that you forget the bond and just erase it from your heart and soul but when you don't have any option, you just start adjusting to the present time and learn to manage to hide your own feelings from yourself and shut them down somewhere in a dungeon deep down in your heart that no one ever get to know what happened.

Life is not easy, sometimes we regret that why we actually fell into this but then some things are bound to happen and life exam has no semester system, we are not given anytime for preparation and all the exams happen on the spot without any prior intimidation. Everyday is an exam, sometimes it's easy and sometimes it becomes a question of life. In spite of all this we can't stop breathing till the time its our turn, so just learn to balance on these floating stones of life. It's difficult but not impossible.

"Time heals everything but voids are never filled."

Love you all!!

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