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To Crack open the shell....

It's difficult..

It's difficult to come out,

It's difficult to slide out,

from my cozy me,

and to face you, them and all the blues.

It's difficult...

it's difficult to crack open,

It's difficult to move out in the unknown,

from what I know and believe,

to face all the uncertainties.

It's difficult..

it's difficult to get ready,

to be entangled for life,

wearing all those beautiful gowns,

wearing a smile and hiding all the frowns.

It's difficult...

It's difficult to leave behind,

your base, your own ground,

to be on a journey unknown,

with a new crowd.

It's difficult....

It's difficult to move on,

Leaving your cradle behind,

where you are nourished with love and care,

where life never gives you a stare.

Still the journey is taken..

With a twinkle and sparkle in the eyes,

believing that all is fair,

all dressed like a princess,

I leave to share and care.

But, it's difficult..

It's difficult to know,

what you are not,

but you have to be,

for all that is not yours!


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