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Time- the costliest thing!!

What does it take to listen and how much time do we need to devote to listen to someone or something? You don't have to buy time, you have it ample, you just have to spare time for that one or may be anyone who want to talk to you. But the irony is, we have made time the costliest thing in the world!! If I talk about myself, my routine works by clock and I have got so use to it that I can even calculate my time for each and every task I do but dear all, I don't play with any one's emotions or feelings and I never let anyone feel that I am not listening provided the person want to talk to me!

Along with listening, taking things in positive stride is very important because one feels comfortable only when he or she gets the confidence that they can pour in you whatever they want to and your responsibility is to maintain their trust and confidence in you. It's not a game that we need to set rules for it, its just about your aura, the positivity that you liberate when you move around or when you meet people. Indian system has a problem where we all usually spend our lives under the burden of so many relations and the funniest thing is every relationship has some set rules to be followed and those rules are followed for your freedom of expressions also. Hence, each individual needs space and a person, a friend or may be just an acquaintance in front of whom he or she can be their true self!! Your thoughts, your expressions, your feelings, your emotions are not anybody else property, so let them flow and feel the same for others those who want to talk and spend time with you!! Be a good listener, a good observer and experience the best in life. You will see and realize people around you are beautiful, interesting with all different experiences, different stories to tell and express!! Love you all!! let's listen and share and make this world a better place!

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