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Time and change..

One of my friends from college commented on one of my post on facebook that I look the same as I was in College after so many years and I replied her, that may be time could not change me much( on a lighter note!) but the truth is, time and experience are the greatest teachers and everyone changes with time and with experience but how much does that reflect on your face or in your external looks differ. I have also changed a lot but not my original self. I have changed the way I handle situations, I have changed the way I perceive things, I have learned to grow with time, I have learned to celebrate each experience of mine, I have learned to be more strong when needed, I have changed!

I hear many people saying, 'there was a time when I could do this very well and now I can't,' I don't know but I could never agree to this. When you say, you can't, you have already given up. Only two things should be consistent if you want be the same as you throughout those are passion and desire to grow with life and time. There are different versions of tasks, your passion, your interests that you can follow as per your convenience as your health and age allows. If you have been a vibrant dancer, your feet should still start moving in rhythm even when you can't swirl around. If you have been a writer, your writings should still be inspiring millions out there, no matter what age you are. If you are a painter, your fingers should still do salsa with the paint brushes, no matter how simple the design is. So, when your passion is alive and is constantly pushing you, you are perceived as the same by people around you, irrespective of time and age.

Loving oneself and keeping the passion alive is the noblest task that one can perform in his or her lifetime as its not only about you being alive, it is about millions out there whom you inspire and develop a zeal in them to be alive and lively. I am very fond of all the artistic things and exercising as I believe that these are the only two areas that are pure and doesn't involve any corruption.(haha!!). Hence, I am perceived as the same. Each one of us can be as lively as we can be, just recognize yourself and welcome all different stages of your life as new chapters and be equally excited to know what's coming up as you are excited to watch a suspense movie in sequence. Bring on the changes, bring on new excitement, try something new because not everyone get this chance of living long. Consider yourself the chosen ones and just feel blessed.

"Time should change you but only in terms of growth."

Keep growing, keep shining!!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!!

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