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The words....

We all feel, we all think, we all observe, we all analyse but all these things become meaningful when these are communicated to the person concerned, to the society or for that matter to anyone or any group to which it refers to. For communicating, you need words! To communicate, what you feel is very important because everyone is not in a very close knit relation with you that they will understand what you want to convey without saying but personally I feel its just a myth that people those who stay with you or those who form your inner circle understand what you want to say without you being vocal about it because 'understanding is a next level thing and is not everyone's cup of tea.'

We all have so many set ups, family, professional work place, friend circle, study groups and institutes and every set up has its own set rules to be followed and every set up has its own expectations to be fulfilled. Sometimes, we are successful and sometimes we are not up to the mark but all these rules and expectations cannot snatch our freedom of speech, our freedom to communicate. Always remember, the most important thing is being truthful to ourselves and pose our original self in what ever set up we are. We may have to do small manipulations here and there but those should be superficial and should not affect our real self. Hence, 'BE VOCAL'.

All the misunderstandings, conflicts, confusions, tragedies are the result of no communication or miscommunication. The next aspect is how to communicate and when to communicate? Here, comes the role of the words that we choose. Before saying anything, just analyse and if you cannot then just give yourself sometime to come to a consensus with your mind and then communicate. Never communicate anything out of excess happiness or when you are very angry because in both these scenarios you cannot justify yourself. Another important thing we all should take care of is that if something is troubling you and is troubling you repeatedly, please don't be quiet, vocalize your concern to clear all confusions or to just avoid any disaster that could happen.

Do not tolerate anything, whether its love, care, hatred, torture, just take the amount that is just needed for you as an individual because when we start tolerating the essence of that particular emotion or feeling vanishes and we just act like puppets to it. For all this to keep in place, to keep yourself in place and to be yourself, word effectively what you want to convey and communicate and then just let yourself go for it.

'Own your Own Story and speak up for yourself'

Love you all!

Happy reading!!

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