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The volatile world!

Nothing seems firm,

Nothing seems stern,

Everything is a fume,

Everything blooms,

It's a confused world,

with a great might,

but still 'volatile'...

I was reading some tweets and came across one where surrogacy is condemned by a very famous writer. People have responded to that. Some agree but most of them do not. In the first go even I agreed but when I paid more attention to all other aspects, I could feel my viewpoint changing but still I believe that adoption is a better option than surrogacy. I really respect those people who run the orphanages and old age homes as every individual has the right to live respectfully till the time he or she is alive and these people give that right to the individuals those who are abandoned by society due to some or the other reasons.

The times that we are living in holds an array of opinions to choose from. You have so many options to relate to, agree with or disagree with. There is not one opinion because everyone is so self opinionated. Every individual has his or her own way of thinking and can justify things accordingly which doesn't give any stable base to any issue except that majority wins or prove its point.

Giving birth to a child is a biological process and by God's grace this opportunity can only be availed by females, again due to their biological makeup. I understand that birth is given by a mother but a mother can give birth only if father contributes and if we go by biology, the child carries the 50% traits from both father and mother. Hence, the child belongs to both the parents equally. But the ways to bear a baby can be different, its just another biological advancement that has been made where if there are some high risks involved in pregnancy, people can opt for this option as it is legal and doesn't make any different to the genetic makeup of the newborn as its remains his or her parents only but the carrier of the embryo differs throughout.

In a world full of individual opinions, things are very volatile and when certain things vanish turning into fumes, you never know. What I believe is the feeling of having a child and growing with that child by reliving one's own childhood is the most important emotion that any parent should cherish and not from where the baby has come. Rearing a baby makes the maximum difference and matters the most. As far as we follow legal procedures, all is good and all is fine!

Children bring in a new life in any home. So, have children and relive your memories with them!

Happy reading!

Love you all!

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