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The powerful words!

There have been many famous personalities, one of them being my and of course everyone's favorite, Charlie Chaplin.

He was a wonderful human being and if you go through his life history, there were no less problems in his life but still he managed and left his mark behind for generations to remember that, ' Do not let your conditions and situations overpower you that they squeeze life out of you, instead be resilient and more strong.'

Was going through one of my fb posts and came across three statements that Charlie Chaplin gave to the world, I want you all to read all the three:

# 'Nothing lasts forever, no even your problems.'

# 'I like to walk in the rain because no one can see my tears.'

# 'The most lost day of life is the day when you do not laugh.'

Read these and get up, walk out and gear up for anything and everything that comes your way!

Life is not a piece of cake and not all days are sunny and bright but the most important thing is to show resilience and courage to get through anything and everything.

Leaving you all with these beautiful lines today!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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