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The new normal or abnormal!!

What is normal? What do you consider normal when it comes to your daily routine? If I talk about an ideal situation, a normal situation is a balanced situation where an individual is able to balance efficiently between professional life and personal life. To live a normal life we need finances to fulfill our materialistic desires and we also need our own space, where we all desire for love, relaxation, emotional support for a healthy body and mind. We are able to mange all this when we have a balanced approach towards our profession and personal life. But in this current scenario, all this seems a fantasy!

Yesterday, I had to go to my workplace due to some emergency and when I was getting ready, I was so confused as what am I suppose to carry with me to my workplace because since last three months my routine has gone upside down. I could not think straight for a while and then with a confused mind I went. What I want to say here is that this 'New Normal' doesn't actually seem to be 'Normal'. Something has changed a lot.

A tiny organism has created so much of panic among each one of us that it seems we all have gone into a cocoon and are really afraid to come out of it. The trust that existed earlier seems to fade, we all have started doubting every other person for the fear of getting infected and all thanks to the media that is blessed with creating a hype out of anything and everything. I know each one of us is feeling restricted and frustrated at some point or the other but the reason behind this is not only the virus but the mismanagement that is happening at every place. The expectations are as high are ever but no thought is being out into how to fulfill these expectations. Everything can work efficiently for a limited period of time and after that it needs some time to recharge or relax to get back to work. I really feel sorry for all our managements and organisations that they have lost that discipline and have started taking their employees and workers for granted as in if they are home they are available 24/7. Sorry sir, we are not!

Please redefine your 'New Normal' because its causing a lot of 'Abnormal Consequences' which may have more long lasting effect than the pandemic. We all need to understand whether you are an employee or employer, the tasks can be completed, targets can be achieved, expectations will be fulfilled but the excess pressure that is being built will definitely hamper our processing capacities. Let's try to focus on building efficiency by giving proper space to every individual by respecting their time, by considering everybody's work efficiency and let's work but not with so much of burden on our heads.

Somethings are easier said than done, but friends, believe me nothing is impossible! If you do not see the person considering you enough or understanding your situation enough, you understand and consider yourself because you will be of value in this materialistic world only when you are in a good state of your health. So, be selfish!

Find out time to relax and reinvent yourself to maintain an efficient balance in your life because 'You Matter' !

'Find Yourself', add peace to your life that's more important and other things will fall in place on their own!

Love you all!!

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