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The light of your soul...

What do I do?

What do I practice?

What do I feel?

What do I cherish?

What do I remember?

What do I bury?

These are the questions of your soul, these are the questions that you ask yourself. The world around is like a closed system and everything reflects back to you. So, watch what you do! what you think! and what you pursue!

I did right, with a pure soul and heart and good intention, things will fall in place for me but may be with time. If I have done wrong out of greed and have betrayed people around, I will bear the consequences of that too!

You Karma won't spare you! it's nothing superficial or supernatural, what you emit will be reflected back to you. Life is strange. When we are in the rising times of our life, we don't bother about all other aspects and get so busy in enjoying our lives as such without paying good attention to our actions. But when we suffer, then we start thinking! What went wrong?

'Nothing went wrong but the only thing is we took ourselves too casually and we couldn't understand how our actions can affect us in the end'.

A good life is all about keeping a balance between what you do and what you expect. If you expect good, do good! it's that simple. But I guess this is the most complicated thing that people cannot understand now-a-days. Politics, fraud, bluff, betrayal has become an indispensable part of everyone's life around.

We all must remember one thing, the change starts with one and the change starts with the smallest good action that you take. So do not think if you are doing charity and feeding a million people, only then you can do good. Focus on your small actions everyday to become more aware of yourself and to become more efficient in keeping a check on yourself and your own actions.

You do not require someone else for this job, do it yourself! Self analysis is the best approach towards improving one's attitude to wards life and towards your loved ones around you.

'Let's overcome greed and falsity to become a better version of ourselves.'

Happy Gurpurab to all! May god bless you all with the best!

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