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The Grief...

Being human and and being emotional sometimes become very taxing for oneself. I am very emotional by nature and cannot overcome grief easily. Life gave many blows and the biggest blow was the death of my mom. Seeing her suffer and seeing her die so bad was unbearable for me and those moments still haunt me. Death is very painful be it for anyone.

But when you are connected with your heart and soul to the person, it becomes more difficult to say goodbye.

We are not God that we would understand the soul matters and would satisfy ourselves believing that there is life after death. We want the person close to us. We want to feel him or her alive but we all know death is the ultimate end. Natural death is bound to come but the saddest part is to observe people gifting deaths to others.

Murders and suicides are the most heinous crimes of all times. You yourself and the murderer has no right to decide how and for how much time a person should live. This life is given to us by our creator and there is a purpose behind it. No one has the right to write somebody's destiny with his or her gruesome thoughts. No one would be able to overcome this recent unfortunate incident of the murder of 'SIDHU Moosewala' for many many years to come.

Just feel the pain, feel the helplessness of the parents who are going through this tragic time in their life. Nothing is left for them to look forward to. These murderers have not only changed the life of SIDHU but they have changed the lives of millions of people around the world. What a power we all are heading to!

As I said in my previous post too, we do not need aliens to kill humans, we are enough for ourselves. This sadness has filled in the air around. It seems as if the mind is stuck. Carrying this grief in my heart, I would request my readers,

To stand for truth always!

To live for their soil always!

To be proud of what you are!

To love your parents and respect them!

To be proud of your culture and language!

To help selflessly!

To achieve by hard work!

To love and empathize!

Life is too short, let's make it worth!

Nothing seems worth but still trying to contribute in some or the other way!

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