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The grey sky...

The shiny bright things usually covers the reality. An iron stool may be rusted but spreading a beautiful table cloth could easily hide its scars from the world outside. A person could be suffering a lot but a beautiful dress and a nice makeover can easily hide what he or she is actually feeling from rest of the world. The bright things carry a lot of power and they can actually hide the most realistic things in the world. But if you think the other way, its good and positive to dress up, show up and to go out and present yourself and of course it requires a lot of strength. But its equally important to realize what we are going through as we should always be true to ourselves and should develop a mechanism to see positive in that too.

The grey skies bring in rainfall, the rain showers washes everything and the inner beauty of things come to surface that you cannot actually bring in with a makeover. Similarly, the showers are necessary to wash off all the negativeness from our own mind and heart. I usually feel like crying when I am very angry and that actually helps me as all my anger just flows off with the tears and I am normal after sometime. When your tears roll down your cheeks, they take away a lot of stress off your mind and heart and leave you very calm. So, it is important to cry sometimes. Its OK if your sky is grey today because you are going to expose your real self to yourself and you actually want to relax. Do not be shy to cry, to feel as the person who doesn't cry is not a very strong person. It is very important to vent out.

Keeping things to yourself and not sharing or expressing leads to a lot of stress related problems and also adds to the weakness and low confidence level in a person. When you cry sometimes, it shows that you feel and are capable of expressing yourself. Its not a matter of shame and of course it cleanses your mind and heart which is more important than anything else. Let your sky be grey sometimes and let the tears soothe your soul. It helps!

We all need to learn from nature, its mechanisms are perfect and it is self sustaining. Similarly, we should also be self sustaining. We should develop a balance to lead a happy and satisfying life. Keep your expectations low, have dreams, express wherever and whenever you feel and without the fear of acceptance because always remember, you will not always be accepted, so just be true to yourself. Be sensible and observant. All shades of life are beautiful, whether grey or blue, red or green as every shade teaches you the reality of life. paint the canvas of your life with all these shades and live to the fullest!

Be your own healer, be your own master!!

love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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