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The Dark Side...

When we go through tough times and have to bear the scars of time, life seems difficult and we usually assume that there is no ray of hope further. Remember, there is no zone of complete darkness in the universe, even space has adopted stars!

When you cannot create hope or make things right, adopt! How do we adopt these emotions which are not something to be bought from market or not like a child or animal that you can adopt? We can do this by adopting examples from others lives. When we are in trouble, we need to become more vigilant and active instead of getting depressed and just feeling bad about everything. In the situations where you feel you are stuck and have no way out, look around and think and you will find every second person is suffering and some of them are managing wonderfully.

Learning and realizing is the key to finding solution to anything and everything. When we suffer or our loved ones suffer we get disturbed which is natural but surrendering to the condition and just feeling sad and depressed won't work. We should strive to come out of that situation by adopting positive thoughts and feelings which in turn provides you inner strength and help you find some solutions, if not all.

Difficulties and tough times are little examinations which we all have to appear for at some or the other time of our lifetime. There are many other factors involved which we will talk about in my upcoming blogs but here let's just get ready and convinced that to overcome a difficult time or to sail through it nothing works, but courage and willingness to learn and adopt.

When we are connected that is connected to one another, connected to animals, plants and the nature as a whole, we cannot always have a smooth, easy life. Difficulties and hardships are the part and parcel of being alive. So, do not worry! Instead be more strong than ever to bear the blows and be resilient. Tough times make you the strongest and gives you the clear vision about life as a whole. Easy life never teaches you anything. You get the biggest lessons of life only when you experience a tough time!

"Be strong, be resilient, be courageous, this time shall pass too."

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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