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Talents: Natural skills

As I open my laptop every morning, I see these beautiful landscape wallpapers on screen set as backgrounds and these are nothing less than mesmerizing. The early morning hues, cool breeze, a bit cozy settings and these eye treats! All these just fill my heart with so much of satisfaction and gratitude for being alive and getting a chance to witness the beauty of this world and this planet.

But behind these eye treats is the contribution of so many talented people out there who click these pictures and bring these treats to you at your disposal. Talent is a beautiful inherent quality that every individual possess and I know we all have witnessed a wide array of talents of numerous people through different platforms on social media and through entertainment industry. All of us having different interests and likings make us inclined to wards different genres of talents. Most of the skills we acquire through formal education system in our lives but talents are the natural skills that one possess and are very much dependent on how and when an individual recognize that talent and capability on oneself and expose it to the world outside.

It is very much stressed upon in the current scenario that one should follow his or her passion and should be involved in some recreational activities because these are nothing less than stress busters and help you calm down and help you overcome the stress that you experience due to excess of workload and busy lifestyle. Dancing is my passion, I love music, art and painting is like heaven to me and whenever I practice all these, it feels as if I do not have any stress in life and these things add so many colors to my life.

Sit down sometime and talk to yourself, ask yourself what do you want and what can help you relieve your stress. I am sure everyone of you will have at least one resort. Some are wonderful writers, poets, painters, dancers, singers, photographers and we see many people follow their passion and exhibit their talents but to keep these things alive in you, you need not make all your talents professional. Something should be kept personal and only for yourself as your happiness should not depend on the response of the people out there. Possessing a talent and gaining happiness from that should not be professional, it should be totally personal and individualistic but doesn't lead to the denial of making a talent, professional. People do earn their living because of their talents and their expertise in that. Your talents should ultimately lead to self satisfaction, self appreciation and self regard.

Your unique talents make you stand out and help you recognize yourself and respect yourself for being special in your own way. So, spend time with yourself and explore yourself for the talents you possess and do not leave them behind or do not pack them up in some dark corner of your heart, bring them out and practice because your talents make you what you are and they help you distinguish yourself from others.

"Practicing what you love and recognizing your talents is all about living life in your own way."

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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