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Sometimes, its this way...

It' s always easy if to carry on if you have someone to listen to, to care about, to pamper you at times, to understand you. But this is not always the case. It's all mystery, why we have to experience something that is very unpleasant and unhealthy for mind and heart but I am sure all of us go through this phase many a times in life.

I may find an answer to this one day or may be I just leave without having an answer to this but definitely it will remain the biggest question of life for me!

Sometimes, I feel being self-opinionated is a big problem. Sometimes, I feel being emotional and being able to connect to and feel everything is a big problem. Sometimes, we are not able to overcome an affection for anyone or anything which further complicates everything. But in all the above cases a person rarely gives up or is able to free oneself of all these thoughts. These keep haunting!

So, the question is how to overcome this suffering that one goes through?

The answer lies in not giving up and keep trying to comfort oneself. Now, how do we do that is entirely a personal thing because everyone is in different situation and different state of mind. It is not easy and is very difficult to overcome affections, attachments and betrayals but we have to because we cannot stop doing whatever we do and majorly we cannot stop living.

Life takes you through so many examinations. Of course, not all these you want to take or are ready to take but you have to go through! I can say one thing out of my experience, nothing comes for free here, you earn or get anything at the cost of something. Sometimes, the cost is too high to bear and instead we have to work on how to bear or overcome that cost!

However good you think, however selfless you become, however loving you are, you will have to bear the harsh consequences at one point or the other. So, just be prepared and be ready for whatever comes your way. Never regret for what you are and how you feel. Because you will never be right on other person's parameters. If something has left you, you also plan to leave. If something hurts you, vent out what you feel and shrug off everything.

You cannot live with regrets but you should live! So just bang on!


Happy Reading!

Love you all!

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