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Soar High!

Sometimes in our lives there is a time when you cannot see anything clearly. We do so many things but still feel that it is not enough. We work hard, we try to stay focused, we try to accomplish our short term goals as stepping stones to our ultimate goal but at times it feels that all these efforts are going in vain. This is the time when we are forced to think what is not correct or where we are making a mistake?

Success is something that is desired by every individual who seriously work towards his or her aim but do we all get success or the definition of success changes as we reach different stages of our work life?

The change is the only constant! Before we think of achieving success, we should think of achieving peace of mind. being at peace would help us think clear. It would help us know what is required at what time and in what capacity? Sometimes, we work so hard but that much of hard work is not required for the task and sometimes we do smart work which might not be sufficient as well! So, we need to develop a habit to think clear and a habit of analyzing the situation to know the demand of the work or the situation better.

Simply, aiming high would not help you achieve your goal. We have to plan and undergo a lot of changes to make things work at different levels. All this planning at your end requires a lot of self analysis and homework that is supposed to be done to achieve the desired.

Make a road map and mark your on the way destinations like your make your travel dairies. Set time and try to plan accordingly to reach every little destination on the way to your main destination. The path may not be smooth as most of the times its not but your vision and aim should be crystal clear. All this is not very simple as you have to overcome so many obstacles at personal and social levels but when one is determined, all the energies of the universe get together to help you achieve your goal as energies only get transferred from one component of the universe to another. So be an energizer! and just transfer positive energy around so as to receive the same.

Stay focused, aim high to soar high!!

Happy Reading!

Love you all!

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