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Simple things made complex!

Simplicity turns into complexity when we put lot of conditions to it. Somethings are healthy when they are raw without any manipulations. When we talk of a personality, are we talking about the branded shoes, branded clothes or branded makeup that a person wears or are we talking about the behavioral attributes and mannerisms of a person? History provides you with so many examples of people like us who have impressed the world with their simplicity that consisted of immense knowledge but zero showoff. In the present day scenario also there are many those have set example but unfortunately our priorities and choices have become more complex and we do not pay much attention to these people.

We all have started believing, what we see and what our eyes watch. We have become more dependent on others choices, others preferences, others demands and have forgotten what is actually beneficial for us to be healthy and happy. I keep reading stuff about sustainability and the natural things that can benefit our health and help us led a healthy life for whatever years we are alive. The things become more complicated when we start paying attention to our mind and stop paying attention to life. After all the reading that I do, I have come to conclusion that the solution to all the problems is right here within us and around us. Just embrace nature and you are good to go. All problems sorted!

Now, how does simplicity relate to healthy life style? How does using and wearing branded things affects your health? Yes, it is a question that must have come to your mind while reading the above few lines. Whatever we do, whatever we eat, whatever we display and how we conduct ourselves is all inter related. You change your eating habits by shifting from branded junk food to simple healthy food cooked at home or relishing some raw stuff, your health will improve. Improving health means, body health, immune system health and mental health. Making an organic choice of clothes will help you spend less and save environment from all the related issues that arise due to improper disposal of these garments that cannot be recycled or reused. Using our original methods of cooking will save you from so much of energy wastage that happens due to usage of mixers, grinders and many more equipment like these. Nature walk routine can help you regain your peace of mind and sanity as it works like meditation. Exercising and keeping your body fit instead of just sitting and watching TV or phone the whole day will help boost your immunity levels. Try to find out some natural products that can take care of your skin, hair, metabolism and many other body parts for which we all are using synthetic chemicals.

All these products are available in market and most of these can be made at home but we all are so use to of buying and purchasing the chemical products just because of their immediate results that we do not even give a thought to organic options. Though the trend is changing a lot and many people are resorting to natural means but still a lot of effort needs to be put in to make a big difference to our lifestyles and our environment.

The ultimate truth is that we all can survive and have better lives only if we are living in sync with nature and believe me nature provides everything and heals everything. Build a connection with nature by making some conscious efforts, talk to nature, experience nature, use natural things, replenish nature and then just sit back and experience the magic!


Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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