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Set yourself free...

"I wanna fly...oh my god!! look at these birds, how lucky they are.."

How many of you usually wonder this? How many of you want to wander and explore all the highs of the sky?

I am sure many of you!

Believe me all of you can. Try this!

Open you arms, look up and just keep your eyes wide open, feel and believe that you are free and can do whatever you want to do.

What? Are you waiting for someone to open the door for you? I am sorry dear, please don't do this. You are not caged by someone, you are caged by your own thoughts, your own perceptions and its only you who can free yourself.

Thoughts, feelings, assumptions, judgements all these make up a big mess inside our minds and make us miserable at times and we feel so bound. When all this keep piling up, we feel so restricted by our own boundaries but we usually put the blame on our situations and conditions. All of us need to understand that we all have got one life and we all should live it to the fullest. What does this actually mean? Breaking bonds and going free or being in a situation but still observing freedom. I am more of the latter's view point. I believe, in whatever situation we are, we still have the chance to live the way we wish to and want to but yes you have to sometimes manage, go out of your comfort zone and sometimes may have to go against your normal ideal settings but everything is fair in love and war and when the love is for yourself it should be boundless and unconditional.

Being engrossed in tasks and just working like machines the whole day, sometimes make us so aloof from ourselves that we forget what we are and what we want? Remember yourself, do not forget that you matter and you matter the most among all the matter that exist. You are the maker but don't forget to maintain yourself. Do not let go, what you love and what makes you feel happy. Remember, your surroundings are happy because you are happy, your family is happy because you are happy, your kids are healthy because you are happy and your relations flourish only when you are happy and keep yourself free.

Love manifests its true self only when it is unconditional. You cannot love with conditions because that is just a deal and emotions and feelings doesn't work on deals and when its loving yourself, just break through what holds you back and make yourself a priority. Identify and explore yourself to the maximum. Make every possible effort that can make you happy and feel free. Its one life, one love!

"Grow the wings of love and flutter them free and just fly, the sky is waiting!!"

Love free, live free!!

Happy reading!

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