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Restrictions and Liberalism

This is an extreme contrast when it comes to managing oneself. Right and wrong has no platform. To what extent we should be liberal or should restrict ourselves depends on our own personal beliefs and manifestations. Humans are just the puppets who act according to the situations but only those sail through this vast ocean of life successfully who takes every situation in their stride.

Restrictions are good for self-analysis. Liberalism is good to prove what you believe in. Whatever is the condition and whatever are the situations, standing by yourself is very important. Make your belief so strong that it becomes unshakable. Its not about becoming an antisocialist or a cold hearted person, it's about how much you value yourself and your viewpoint. Life give you challenges, sufferings, achievements and a chance to face or enjoy these aspects. It is our duty to deal with this intelligently, passionately and consciously.

Running away and shying away to face the consequences or living in a dreamland would make you weak and a person with very narrow perspective. Open your mind and look at this world and people around with open heart and mind. You will find solutions to all the so called problems. Remember, every problem has a solution and there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Being happy is in your hands. Be courageous and define yourself in a way that there are no confusions around. Be sorted, be simple, be humble and then think where you need to be liberal and where you need to restrict yourself.

Happy Reading!!

Love you all!!

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