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Respect-a two way street!

Respect, a much sought after thing in one's life. When we are young, our parents guide us what respect means and we are told to respect our elders, our teachers and as we grow, the scenario changes. We start to understand that this is something that cannot be forced as while growing up we all develop our own perspectives, our own viewpoints and start analyzing things from all different angles. Respect is one element of life that cannot be snatched or forced upon. You have to earn it! You cannot force people, your friends, your children, your family members to respect you just because you want them to. You have to give them a good reason to do so.

Everything is interconnected, all the elements of life are interconnected as each one affects the other. To earn respect, you need to develop the quality to listen. When you listen to someone, the person develops confidence in you and feels like sharing with you whatever he or she feels. To earn respect, you have to practice patience, you have to give time to the person to self reflect and realize. You have to control the timing of your reaction because instant reactions usually lead to dramatic situation instead of a sensible one. Condition yourself to the level that respect pours in and you don't have to demand it.

Respect is a two way street, you get it, if you give it and respect is for those who deserve it and not for those who demand it. Respect brings in harmony. Being respectful creates a conducive environment which people want to adapt to more than anything else. Recognition of a being is very important, respect for the work done, appreciating little achievements and setting higher goals step by step are some of the steps to embed yourself in somebody's heart and then you see the magic, you will never have to make an extra effort to make people respect you, it becomes an automated process!

We all are sensitive, emotional people and all of us want peace and harmony and want to live a peaceful life that is full of love, care, affection, respect and consideration. Its not that you have to listen to people just because you want to earn respect, listen with an open mind because there are so many things that the person can teach you that could help you become a better version of your own.

Be Respectful!! and Be Happy!!

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