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Relations and their tags!!

Relation, a bond between any two living beings which is nourished by love, care, respect and understanding. Relations in this form and according to this definition are so pure and divine but unfortunately the meaning of relations is so distorted in these current times that the authenticity and purity of relations is lost somewhere. Society, a group of people where everyone live together in harmony by sharing common resources available for survival and development. Human civilization has undergone numerous changes since the day man started living in groups and leading life together. Slowly, as the brain developed, the capabilities to think, feel, express, share also developed which ultimately led to some extreme kind of interactions or attractions between humans which led to the growth in number of humans and being the most intelligent being on the planet, slowly, they started setting their own rules and regulations to lead life.

Then came the concept of families and blood relations, hence a family consisted of people those who share the common origin as biological off springs of a couple( a male and a female) and their siblings ( immediate and from extended relations). These small groups called families then started exchanging their members with other families and the concept of marriage came into being and I need not explain marriage here!!(hahaha). Gradually, complexities in the different tiers of a society and in families increased which resulted in utmost confusion because the origins are now lost and the thought, the vision and the purpose of families, close relations, the values associated with these relationships have all gone vague. We are running and everything we take as a task to complete and accomplish. A boy is attracted to a girl and to woo her or to get her becomes a task for him for which he resort to all mechanical things that he could because completion of tasks require only logic, not emotions. Above this we have created so many tags of relations and with that comes so many social restrictions.

Where is it written and who has defined that only the tagged relations are to be accepted and are authentic and no one outside these tags can feel or express anything to anyone? As I mentioned earlier, these tags are man made and all these confusions are also our gifts to this society. When it is said that relations are made in heaven, I believe but saying that the tagged relations are made in heaven, I object and deny because that is not true. You will come across people in life and you will build relations with whom you are destined to build and for that no planning, no functions, no pandits, no priests, no religious ceremonies are required, the only thing required is purity of thoughts, love and devotion.

We are not manufactured in factories under some brands that we should tag ourselves or our relations! Please feel free to express, appreciate, love and care for who so ever you feel for. Humans are blessed with the capability to express and share and we should utilize this to feed ourselves and our loved ones( not only tagged ones) with love and care.

" True relations are defined as those which are nourished with extreme love, care, devotion and understanding and not with some tags hanging down our necks."

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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