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Relations and realization..

When do we realize that we are in a relation with someone or someone has become so important to us that they mean a lot to us? Are relations really meant to be realized or they just happen? A bond of love, a bond of responsibility, a bond of respect, a bond of gratitude, a bond of care, all these are categorized as relations as and with whom we share these emotions and feelings.

Can we really define relations? In this world, which is full of unnecessary rules and regulations, relations have become a matter of study instead of some pure bonds to practice and experience. Definitions make everything objective and dry. Certain things are meant to be subjective and are purely based on individual perspective. There are ample number of examples where the defined relations does not work well, in fact in most cases these turn into disasters whereas certain acquaintances happens to be eternal in nature and are the most beautiful relations made and practiced.

Relations are all about realization of the fact that we need that person in life not because we have to fulfill our desires from him or her but to make life worth living. Everyone who is born in this world knows how to survive but to make life happy and worth living, we all need that someone with whom you are yourself and with whom you are at your best. Unfortunately, we do not find that someone often because we all are too bound to the objectively defined relations which are socially legible and are permitted by the society. I am not against these relations unless and until they make your life happy and worth but if they do not, we are not suppose to shut ourselves down. To make this happen, you have to let yourself explore and you have to be open enough to let people in your space and life. This again does not mean that make yourself available but be open to accept that you may like somebody and someone with whom your mind is in sync and again

that relation may not hold a tag but for you it might be the best thing in the world.

Be open to realize that your life is your life and its no one else's business. Be open to realize that relations should not always carry an objective definition or name. Be open to realize that anyone, anytime can bring a drastic change in your life which can be good or it might be drastic. Expect less, explore more and wait for miracles to happen!

"let yourself free to realize and believe, this is how we make our life worth."

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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