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The mirror!!

I asked the mirror, " Hey! how do I look?"

Mirror replied, " Beautiful as always."

I said, "You liar!"

Mirrors are such a wonderful thing! You know why? Because they show your reflection.

We have installed mirrors all over in our houses, offices, malls, work stations to check what? To check how do we look. Is only your look important? Or you really want your mirror to reflect on another side of yours.

For reflecting inside, you do not need a glass mirror, you need to reflect through your mind and need to think about your thinking and manage your thoughts and beliefs to know yourself better. This is also termed as self reflection. Self reflection as a part of self awareness is a very courageous task as its very easy to accept what we are good at but its very difficult to accept and know about what we are not good at because of our basic human nature as we think we all are born right and have this habit of imposing ourselves either on self or on others.

How can you self reflect? The answer lies in observing oneself. Observe, what makes you happy? Observe what makes you sad? Observe what irritates you and what makes you feel disgusting? Observing things carefully solves number of related problems and we are able to make sensible decisions for ourselves. Observe your strengths and weaknesses and most importantly accept them. Work on making efficient use of the strengths and work on your weaknesses. Develop a mindset to focus on your strengths while working on your weaknesses to convert them into strengths.

Do not hide your scars, in fact learn from them, what you should not repeat in future. Be very vocal about it and keep reminding yourself about what you have learnt. Scars or difficulties are the signs that you have been strong enough to get through all those tough times and are still standing up to encounter more. Self reflection is not always self appreciation. It is also about withholding self and avoiding unnecessary tensions. Think a lot before you act and act only after a proper analysis of any situation but sometimes decisions and acts are intuitive which again depend on how much you listen to yourself and how much you have worked upon yourself because anything that is intuitive is never immature. It is the voice of your soul.

Self reflection is a very important part of being self aware and when you achieve this, you are above all the petty worldly things and you can see everything very clearly without any haze. Life becomes sorted and calmness accompanies you. You feel so light and positive and internal happiness fill your heart and soul.

"Be your own mirror. Self reflect."

Love for all!

Happy reading!

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