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'Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see'.

So many questions bother us daily. So many answers are filtered out to find the best possible option. But instead of questioning someone else, its important to question oneself as by doing this half of the problems get solved. We keep looking out and rarely look inside and somewhere we loose out on the treasure that we possess as individuals. We keep expecting someone else will recognize, someone else will appreciate, someone else will reward, someone else will rescue. Stop giving your reign in someone's hand. Its you, who will stand up for you. To achieve all this, self reflection is the tool.

What is reflection? When you look into the mirror, you see yourself that is your reflection. Let your mind and your eyes be your mirror. Let your mind introspect and eyes set your image. What you expect should be given. What you feel should be conveyed. Do not expect out of the box and keep asking yourself, am I doing right? Learn to analyse situations and your own desires. Control your mind, control your life. Allow yourself to see good over bad and train yourself to be relevant with respect to context.

When it comes to being mature, it doesn't mean that you grow in age and you become mature. I have experienced immaturity in so called elders those who have lived good years of life. So, maturity and the quality of self reflection is built with conscious effort throughout, where you do not wait for some miracle to happen and teach you all these. So, life is all about learning and we can make it more useful by learning good.

All these attributes are interconnected and inter related. You cannot be mature if you do not introspect, reflect, realize, analyze and think critically. Hence, let all of us live a conscious and fruitful life by being conscious.


Love you all!

Happy reading!

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