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Real life lie in the moments

Let's start with a task today:

Close your eyes and think:

How many moments and how many long duration incidents your remember and could recall?

I know most of you must have recollected moments instead of the incidents that lingered on for a longer period of time. When time duration is involved, it's not only about good things, it also brings with it something that is serious, something not so pleasant but moments are little packets of joy that you can live, enjoy, carry along and cherish for life. Something that is past, we cannot change, about future we are uncertain but I have one thing in my hand and that is 'this moment of mine' and this is the most precious one which I cannot afford to lose.

I can recollect so many little moments when I laughed so much, when I did something fishy, when I bunked, when I got scolding, when I learnt my life lessons, when I got overwhelmed, when I was the happiest and the list goes on. It's not that all the moments are going to be happy but the only positive side to it is that we can control ourselves and can work accordingly, can react accordingly in that instant which is purely in our hands.

When we say life give us chances, it's not about the big chunk of time but these little moments which we are supposed to avail in the best possible way we can. Live in the moment and live full, this is the only path to a happy, meaningful life. What happened, what will happen is not to be worried about but what is happening right now requires a thought that too, a positive thought.

Live your each moment like one life and see the change! Do not put conditions and do not blame anything or anyone as you are your own master. You just require a bit of introspection of what you actually need and enjoy. Focus on what makes you happy. Sufferings and difficulties are all part of life and are a part of the life package(haha) but the most difficult thing is to find true happiness that can make your life worth living.

"Live in the moment and live king size!"

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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