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Raindrops, a reason behind blooming life on earth. Raindrops, a reason behind all the colors spread in the sky. Raindrops, a reason behind all that love and romance that flourishes here. Raindrops, a reason for all the flowers that bloom, a reason for all the happiness spread around. Nothing can match the soothing effect of raindrops falling on the ground, on your face, on these birds around that flutter and flutter to shirk off that water. Nature is magical!

Rainbows have always been a treat to watch and from the childhood days this one thing has always been so fascinating for me. A single water droplet is capable of contributing to this magnificent phenomenon, we observe in the sky. One water droplet controls the powerful sun rays in a way that it refracts, reflects and then again refracts to form this beautiful arc of colors in the sky. This is science and a physical process that happens in our atmosphere but think one little droplet that will break into smaller droplets on reaching the ground has the power to paint the sky so colorful.

All of us are these little chunks on this planet and each one of us has that power to paint our life with colors. Do not under estimate and do not belittle yourself because you are not smaller than a raindrop. Identify your powers, your abilities. Look back, not to become sad but to appreciate yourself that how far you have come and is still carrying on. Every raindrop has that confidence that wherever it will end up falling, its going to contribute to life. Be that confident, get a boost from everything around you. You can give life, you can make life, you can reinvent yourself because you are much more than just a raindrop!

Use your consciousness, listen to yourself and learn to explore and introspect. All the answers to your problems are there with you but you need to have that desire to find out and work on them. Life is very colorful, you wanna paint it red or blue , its all up to you but remember if you can paint your life blue, you can paint it with all the colors. So, do not restrict yourself and go find yourself.

Let's create our own rainbow and let's be our own sunshine!!

love you all!

Happy reading!

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