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I have a new crush,

I have a new attraction,

It's called procrastination.

I am lured,

I am floored,

I don't wanna get up,

I am bored,

I don't like any workstation,

I am in love with procrastination.

It is a phase, I know,

I will Improve I know,

I will get back in form,

But how to overcome this fascination,

it's called procrastination.

It's easy,

It's fun.

You can do nothing,

You do not need to run,

What an obsession,

I am in love with procrastination.

What's this?

Omg! this was not that I wished,

I am lost,

I am left behind,

I can't pace up,

I am losing everything at this cost,

I am suffering because of this captivation,

I guess I should avoid procrastination!

'Life is short, life is fragile. Live in the moment, do it now. Make it happen, don't wait for tomorrow. You may not be the same sometime later. Hence, stop procrastinating and believe in accomplishing today.'

This piece of writing is on special request by one of my friends!


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