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Hi! Everyone!

Was a little occupied all these days so missed this beautiful platform where I connect with all of you.

Prioritizing is a very important skill to learn when we want our lives to be sorted at personal as well as at social levels. Working all day, getting exhausted and then just thinking of what's the plan for the next day can make our minds saturated and we cannot relax.

I am also on one of those who take a lot of stress when something stays undone but with time I have learned to prioritize my tasks both at lower and upper levels. Prioritizing helps you overcome the stress of multitasking. Though multitasking has become the way of doing things in these times but lately its been observed that multitasking reduces your efficiency to work or think. If you prioritize your tasks, it helps you manage time, enjoy the moment, think clearly, think creatively, analyze effectively and hence, help you stay sorted for most of the things.

One of the aspects of prioritization is taking quality breaks from your routine work. It helps you in knowing yourself better and help you explore and try new things that you haven't tried before. It makes your mind fresh for a moment and helps you regain your senses. You feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Take out 10 min or half an hour from your busy schedule to know yourself and see the difference! I promise you will see a complete new self that you have never known before.

While working so hard and working in different fields make you very efficient though. You may not realize this often but its the truth. When you take these little breaks from your routine, you apply those skills knowingly or unknowingly in those little life changing tasks that help your mind and body relax and regain itself.

"Prioritize your tasks and take quality breaks often to regain yourself. It helps you keep mind and heart at peace ."

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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