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Precious like a gem..

What a beautiful piece of stone, a gem is! we wear it with pride, use it with passion and feel so good possessing it. No doubt these stones are called precious because they reflect marvelous colors and bright light to fill you with all the positivity required.

We also meet some living gems in life who change and transform your life forever. All of us meet them but only those experience them who are in sync with life and believe in living and not winning any race. I am very grateful that I have such beautiful souls around who understand and make my life brighter every moment I am with them. These wonderful people are my handful friends. I love them and would cherish every moment we spent together for life.

All of us make friends, spend time and live with them in all our ups and downs of life but the most important thing is to keep them safe with you and never let go these precious gems. They are a section of people who expects the least from you but brighten up your life like the star laden sky and make you fly to the heights you want to. They guide you, scold you, hold you, support you, love you, respect you, care for you and be with you forever. I sometimes think what a barren life it would be if we don't have friends. They are the most beautiful category of humans ever created by god.

I love all my friends and wish the best for them in life.

Dedicated to my lifeline: My Besties!!

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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