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Possessive or obsessed?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Possessive, obsessed, love, hate, ignore, all these words come very easy to us, right? We are so used to of using these terms in our lives that it has diluted the meaning of these terms. There is infatuation between a boy and a girl. They become possessive for each other. The relation is not of love still but they turn possessive for each other! On petty issues people start hating each other. Once a person is independent in terms of earning and all, he or she becomes obsessed with himself of herself without caring about what is happening around. To ignore or being ignored is again so prevalent these days in all the scenarios.

Let's concentrate on being possessive and obsessed. When did you last time sit and think about the true meaning of these terms? I am sure no one remembers because the common things that are very much prevalent are not to be thought about much. People get married and possessiveness comes in dowry which has to be there no matter what. Husband is possessive for wife and wife is possessive for husband, why? Why do we lose our individuality after getting into a relation? Why do we need to be possessive for each other? Being in a relation means being in love with each other, to care for each other, to grow with each other, to explore with each other and not only being possessive about each other. Possessiveness is a very extreme term that brings in a lot of nasty love handles along which includes restrictions, boundaries, do's and don'ts, narrow thinking, less space, loss of individuality.

Another very prevalent characteristic of humans is being obsessed with oneself for anything and everything. My money, my life, my job, my car, my body and all that stuff. Sit and think sometime, who are you and where do you stand in extremely wide universe? You are just a tiny spec over here and you are obsessed so much as if you own the whole universe. The most important characteristic of the most acknowledged being is 'being humble and connected' and not being obsessed. All these things are temporary, even we are temporary here as we all have a limited time span. So, why to waste this time in being obsessed with something that actually doesn't hold any importance in the long run.

Do not confuse possessiveness with togetherness and obsessiveness with individuality. Both these characteristics spoil relations and an individual. If you still want to be possessive, be possessive and hold on to something that is good for everyone and that is sustainable for everyone, be it relations only. If you want to be obsessed, be obsessed with good thoughts and good feelings. Do not apply these terms and do not use these terms for the sake of applying and using. Understand and then apply.

Love you all!

Happy reading!!

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